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SurfBoard Chair with Hand Carved Turtle motif

SurfBoard Chair with Hand Carved Turtle motif

These Beautiful Surf Board chairs have been hand made and carved in Bali from 2" Solid Soar wood, a fast growing plentiful hardwood ideal for furniture. The chair is produced in 2 pieces, with the seat section easily sliding into the slot on the main chair back in seconds, the two pieces work against each other to provide a secure and solid seat - suitable for adults. The Beautiful characteristics of this wood has been enhanced by a honey stain finish and a Hand carved Ethnic Turtle detail. These pieces really are unusual and would make a great talking point in any situation. Easy to store and to assemble. The very hand made nature of these items mean that no two chairs will be indentical. Use anywhere , great talking point.
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    142 x 90 x 42cm
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