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Melted Glass Flower Vase & Root Wood

Melted Glass Flower Vase & Root Wood


These stunning Ornaments have been hand made in Bali.
The glass has been hand blown and dripped over a piece of reclaimed distressed root wood.
The glass Vase then fits perfectly to the features and of the wood & cascades over the contours

** As These Vases are simply made by Hand there may be slight imperfections & marks in the Glass and also possible bubbles in the finish , this simply adds to the character and uniqueness of each item * AS EVERY VASE & ROOT ARE UNIQUE, WE DO LIST EACH VASE INDIVIDUALLY & THE VASE PICTURED WILL ALWAYS BE THE ONE YOU RECEIVE ***. 27cm HIGH  x 23cm x 15cm  Approx - Model No . WIX 5D

This stunning and functional piece can be used as a vase, just as a highly unusual talking point
Every one is unusual and Unique, Use indoors or Out

27cm High Approx


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