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Melted Glass Flower Vase in Wood

Melted Glass Flower Vase in Wood


This Beautiful Melted Flower Vase Ornament has been hand Blown. 

The Beautiful glass Wedge  vase has been hand blown and dripped into a piece of Hand Waxed wood. 
The glass Vase then fits perfectly to the features of the wood  

This stunning and functional piece can be used as a vase, just as a highly unusual talking point. 
Every one is unusual and Unique, Use indoors or Out 

The Photographs do not do justice to this stunning piece of functional art

* As these Glass Vases are simply made by Hand, there will be slight imperfections or bubbles in the glass, and due to the Natural Wood used for the base, there will be variations in the wood base, this simply adds to the character and uniqueness of each item.

* 30cm High approx.

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